Evo Riguzzi Jr. has professional experience in virtually every aspect of law enforcement. He is the owner and President of Investigations for Optima Security Services Inc., a national white-collar crime investigation company. Optima provides as variety of services including investigations, seminars and training.

Evo began his impressive career in 1968 when he was commissioned in the US Army as a Military Police Officer. After leaving Active Duty, his civilian criminal law enforcement duties began when he became employed with the Internal Revenue's elite Internal Security Division as an Inspector. While there, he handled several major investigations involving corruption of Internal Revenue Service employees.

In August 1983, Evo was hired as the Assistant Director for Corporate Security at The Home Insurance Company in New York City. In 1988, he was promoted to Director, and in 1992, to Assistant Vice President.

The key to Evo's success was the development of a Security Review Program, which was modeled by other insurance companies. Through this program, he was able to detect employee and agent schemes that were defrauding the company of millions of dollars. Several other highlights of his tenure with The Home Insurance Company, and as Vice President with Risk Enterprise Management, were successful prosecutions, both civilly and criminally, of numerous individuals; the recovery of tens of millions of dollars in various embezzlement schemes over $32 million; the implementation of an insurance fraud unit preventing nearly $38 million in fraudulent insurance payments; and he ran a background investigation unit, all within his department.

Simultaneously, Evo continued his career in the United States Army Reserve and was assigned to a variety of positions that continually increased the scope of his responsibilities. He retired at the highest rank permitted by law, Major General.

Among his other accomplishments, Evo was awarded the Legion of Merit and the Bronze Star. He has provided anti; fraud technical advice to AIPSO, a servicing organization for commercial fleet policies.

Evo earned his degree in Sociology from Gannon College: he attended a variety of military police courses: and he graduated from the highly acclaimed US Army's War College. He is a past Vice President for the Insurance Security Association, and he served as Chairman of the Insurance Fraud Committee for the American Society for Industrial Security.